How the recruitment assessments surprised me – again!

When I recruit, I use a suite of assessments to explore behaviours, motivations, resilience & a few other things. I created most of these behaviour & brain-based assessments (one was created by another guy who is particularly bright in pretty much everything he touches, including the neuroscience of resilience) over […]

Team brainstorming, high angle view on the table

Human brain and smart phone

How The Official Telephone Answerer changed my brain

I feel our message, research and work is important, helping to redefine what it means to be an effective leader or a high-functioning organisation. But not specialising in marketing, it seemed it might be a good idea to contact a few PR companies to learn a little about how they […]

Hr manager asking questions to female candidate

How neuropsychotherapy informs best practice in solution-focused executive coaching

Introduction Executive coaching might be best described as a helping relationship between a client (typically an individual with leadership, managerial or other supervisory responsibility) and a coach who may access a variety of behavioural and cognitive techniques in order to support the client in identifying and achieving one or more […]

The single biggest mistake job applicants are making this week

I have previously, some have said flippantly, “advised” previously how NOT to get the job you want and how NOT to recruit the best applicant. Most recently, whilst reviewing applicants for roles we are currently recruiting for, from truck driver/ mechanic through to divisional manager, one thing struck me as […]

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