Daily Archives: September 16, 2015

“Training is a waste of time”

How often we’ve all heard these words – and how often they’re right! If people believe that training is a waste of time, then they’ll probably prove themselves correct. They’ll also be correct if the training isn’t done properly, or where “quick fix” training courses so often are of little […]



Mars is here – and after 5 years of research and development, its about time!

Common management practices don’t work – and here’s why Much of today’s people-management practices originate from the “machine view” of organisations, where top-down compliance and efficiency was the dominant approach. This worked well enough when workers were largely uneducated, change was slow and this hierarchical style fitted within top-down social […]

Bob and Pete on Leadership, Team Building and Doughnuts

Bob the Button-seller and Pete the Plumber were at Brenda’s Doughnut shop, solving the troubles of the world over coffee and her famous doughnuts. On this particular day a downcast Pete said to a buoyant Bob, “I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think I’d be better off just […]



How to Get Your Employees Engaged Quickly and at No Cost. AKA The Rule of Averages

A 2012 Gallup survey showed that only 24% of Australian employees were actively engaged with their work (and Australia ranked 2nd best!!!). Imagine that – only 1 in 4 genuinely cared and were out there doing their best for their employer every day. The same surveys show around 16% of […]

How To Employ The Wrong Job Applicant

Inspired by an inexperienced but slightly stubborn (here’s a handy hint – if one is inexperienced, one might do well to avoid also being stubborn!) manager the other day (not a client), I felt it might be appropriate to follow on from the recent article on how job applicants can […]



I’ve been big on categorising – but it’s time to stop

From the first months of life, we are taught ‘right” and “wrong”. We’re trained to decide between options – that some things are good, others bad. As we grow we’re taught the “correct” ways to think and act. “It’s rude to point”, “Respect your elders (eg, me)”, “Don’t walk around […]