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More Lessons from Masters and DJs: Big Picture or Little Picture – Which One is Letting You Down?

As regular readers will know, the recent announcement by Woolworths regarding the future of Masters should have come as a surprise to no one. The accompanying announcement about Home Hardware was more of a surprise, but as a comparatively small business nestled in an out-of-favour segment in the Woolworths empire […]

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Dick Smith Store

Dick Smith Electronics – A Story of Deception, Intrigue and Inevitability

The ASX announcement made by Dick Smith Electronics in August 2015 “reported a second year of solid performance as the Company’s Growth Strategy continue(d) to resonate.” Combined with words like “Dick Smith’s balance sheet remains strong” and confident predictions of further sales growth and cost savings for an estimated 2016 […]

Turnbull’s Innovation Statement: Implications for EVERY Business

As a Prime Minister not as wedded to powerful interest groups or living in the past as many of his predecessors, Turnbull was always going to do something about accelerating the evolution of our economy toward a more innovative model. And while we have the education, free-thinking, wealth and infrastructure […]

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Is the heart of Coles’ success good customer experiences?

In recent articles I may have been a touch critical of customer experiences at some of our iconic national companies, and it’s probably time to balance the ledger a little – after all, there are some really good stories out there. I could tell you of my experiences with Matt, […]

How to destroy your business in one easy step.

Normally I’d try to spread the message throughout the article, but this time I’ll get right to the point. The best, fastest cheapest, easiest way to destroy your business with a clear conscience (anyone can do it but some are naturally better than others ) is to blame your customers […]

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What has gone wrong at Masters? – Strategic lessons for every business

Woolworths proudly describe Masters as “offering Australian consumers a retail experience they have never seen before”. The Australian Financial Review of July 6, 2015 talks about a 4 year capital investment of $2billion and accumulated losses of $600 million, as well as falling performance of the core supermarket chain business. […]