Leadership and Team Building

The team you get is the team you deserve

The very best thing any manager can have is a great team – a group of talented people who are self-motivated, dedicated, loyal, enthusiastic and keen to work together in achieving great things. I’ve been lucky enough over time to work with and help to develop some of these managers […]

Portrait of joyful girl in birthday cap holding heap of giftboxes given by her colleagues

Leadership Lessons from Malcolm Turnbull; AKA Malcolm Turns Away from Bull

Over recent weeks, in watching Malcolm Turnbull speak and thinking about how his leadership style will hold up come election time or even when he needs to make some tough decisions on political minefields like tax and spending cuts (whether before or after the election), what I found is both […]



Management Training Brisbane and Gold Coast

Despite the very best of intentions and efforts, standards of management are commonly lower than the standards managers expect out of their teams. Not surprisingly, in Australia the second most common reason given at exit interviews for voluntary resignations is dissatisfaction with a manager (the most common is dissatisfaction with […]

Professional Self-Development Brisbane and Gold Coast

The attitudes many have towards training and professional self-development can be a little weird – its as if management is a natural attribute that reflects personal worth and can’t be taught. We quickly recognise that we don’t naturally have expert trade or technical skills and that to improve we should […]



21 Triangles Recruitment Agency Brisbane and Gold Coast

Having a great business isn’t as easy as just going through the motions. The most successful businesses know what they’re fantastic at and what creates the most value for them and their customers, and then spend all of their time and effort doing just that. They then fill in the expertise gaps […]