Management System

How to Get Your Employees Engaged Quickly and at No Cost. AKA The Rule of Averages

A 2012 Gallup survey showed that only 24% of Australian employees were actively engaged with their work (and Australia ranked 2nd best!!!). Imagine that – only 1 in 4 genuinely cared and were out there doing their best for their employer every day. The same surveys show around 16% of […]



The Team Culture We Get Is The One We Create

I am lucky enough to spend time with some really great business owners and managers. Without exception they are good people who work very hard to keep their businesses working for today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. How they go about it however, is quite different, and with quite […]

Don’t Blame The Team For “Bad” Culture

There seems to be a consistent argument about where organisational culture comes from and who’s to blame when it isn’t good. There is a popularist view that culture is shaped mostly or only by the team (or a few troublemakers on it), and therefore company culture should be the primary […]