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Independent Recruiter Partnerships Now Available – Limited Opportunity for the Ethical Professional.

A limited number of opportunities are available for professional recruiters to dramatically change they way they work and earn. But before we go any further, I’d like to give you an outline of what we’re doing here, so you can decide whether it’s something that suits your personality, ethics and goals. […]

Brisbane Recruitment – Elara

21 Triangles provides recruitment in Brisbane for employers who are looking for superior value when building a high performing team. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies in Brisbane, we offer a fixed price model that guarantees impartiality and honesty because we do not sell or groom candidates to get a placement fee, […]



21 Triangles Recruitment Agency Brisbane and Gold Coast

Having a great business isn’t as easy as just going through the motions. The most successful businesses know what they’re fantastic at and what creates the most value for them and their customers, and then spend all of their time and effort doing just that. They then fill in the expertise gaps […]

Affordable Recruitment – Brisbane and Gold Coast

Recruitment can be very expensive. And in many cases it’s hard to see the value – recruiters can seem very keen to get their candidates employed as fast as possible – and for employers to pay as much as 15 – 20% of their annual remuneration (including superannuation!!!!!) for the […]



Low Fixed-Price Recruitment Agency Brisbane – Elara by 21 Triangles

One of the mysteries for those paying Brisbane recruitment agencies for their services might best be described in the question, “Why is recruitment so expensive?” (This was a question for us too, where our low fixed price recruitment service is usually half or less that of a typical recruitment agency) It’s […]