Neurobiology and evolution: Why your brain won’t let you make rational decisions

Over the past few months I’ve been rewriting the handbook that accompanies the 21T Value Grid, and despite its fundamental acknowledgement that decisions are at least as emotional as they are rational, the process revealed some new insights which make this truer than ever. Bounded Rationality Purely logical decisions must, […]

3D medical background with magnifying glass examining brain depicting alzheimers research

3D concept illustration consisting of colorful balls. Vector template.

Caught In The Act!… of doing something right: A neurochemical approach to high performance management.

There is no shortage or theories on how to manage and lead – every day we witness new insights from the famous, talented or deceased. But how might we enact good management on a daily, hands-on basis – and, just as importantly, why? It turns out there is genuine science […]


Work-Life Balance Plan

Would you describe your life as one of work-life balance – or work-life imbalance? For most who aspire to be (or already are) successful, there is usually a plan around sacrificing personal time and quality of life today for great benefits tomorrow. And then over the years, as success comes, […]

I’ve been big on categorising – but it’s time to stop

From the first months of life, we are taught ‘right” and “wrong”. We’re trained to decide between options – that some things are good, others bad. As we grow we’re taught the “correct” ways to think and act. “It’s rude to point”, “Respect your elders (eg, me)”, “Don’t walk around […]



Happiness is a choice. Your choice.

Remember that time when you really looked forward to eating at a restaurant, only to be disappointed because something wasn’t right, and that something really bothered you? Maybe the steak was a little over or undercooked, or not as tender as you expected. Or maybe the vegetables were soggy, the […]