Neurobiology and evolution: Why your brain won’t let you make rational decisions

Over the past few months I’ve been rewriting the handbook that accompanies the 21T Value Grid, and despite its fundamental acknowledgement that decisions are at least as emotional as they are rational, the process revealed some new insights which make this truer than ever. Bounded Rationality Purely logical decisions must, […]

3D medical background with magnifying glass examining brain depicting alzheimers research

Professional Recruitment Partner 21 Triangles

Independent Recruiter Partnerships Now Available – Limited Opportunity for the Ethical Professional.

A limited number of opportunities are available for professional recruiters to dramatically change they way they work and earn. But before we go any further, I’d like to give you an outline of what we’re doing here, so you can decide whether it’s something that suits your personality, ethics and goals. […]

Leadership Lessons from Malcolm Turnbull; AKA Malcolm Turns Away from Bull

Over recent weeks, in watching Malcolm Turnbull speak and thinking about how his leadership style will hold up come election time or even when he needs to make some tough decisions on political minefields like tax and spending cuts (whether before or after the election), what I found is both […]



Professional Self-Development Brisbane and Gold Coast

The attitudes many have towards training and professional self-development can be a little weird – its as if management is a natural attribute that reflects personal worth and can’t be taught. We quickly recognise that we don’t naturally have expert trade or technical skills and that to improve we should […]

Work-Life Balance Plan

Would you describe your life as one of work-life balance – or work-life imbalance? For most who aspire to be (or already are) successful, there is usually a plan around sacrificing personal time and quality of life today for great benefits tomorrow. And then over the years, as success comes, […]



Performance Management Coaching – Brisbane and Gold Coast

There is no escaping the connection between highly performing businesses, high performance management and high performing teams – and the most crucial link is performance management. Simply, if you don’t manage the performance of the people, you’re not managing the performance of the business. But performance management is not just […]