Performance Management Software

Getting the best out of, and for, your team doesn’t just happen by chance. To consistently benefit from high performance teams and high performance employees, daily management practices need to be based around not just management, but performance management – that is, managing the performance of your team. The common concept that only poor-performing employees should be performance-managed is a nonsense – it implies that performance management is some sort of punishment, and that as long as you are doing well enough to avoid negative attention, your performance doesn’t matter. But if everyone in the team is not all performing to their best, or at least to a uniformly high level, what are the chances that the business will be a high performer?

Essential ingredients for a high performing team include:

  • Challenging performance expectations
  • Standards and timeframes
  • Skills, support and tools
  • Unifying purpose and leadership
  • Rewards, especially social acceptance and recognition

While these all seem reasonably straightforward, if you think across how you manage, or more likely how you have been managed in the past, it seems that there are probably one or two points that haven’t been as strong as some others. For example, maybe you didn’t have certainty in whether standards or timeliness were more important, or there was a leadership gap or you felt there were times you did great work that was unrecognised – maybe not through intent, but because others didn’t understand or were simply busy doing other things. And that can be demotivating, as you know.

The context for sustained high performance from teams or individuals is one where there is consistency, certainty and care. And where people are always busy if there is no performance management system, then some of the essential ingredients get overlooked, or put off – which means consistency becomes inconsistency, with perceptions of unfairness, favouritism and good work going unappreciated, all HUGE contributors to demotivated teams and disengaged employees.

The most reliable solution, and most easily managed, is to use software to track performance and schedule consistency. There are lots of programs that can be used for the scheduling these types of conversations, such as Outlook – but while they are good for scheduling, that’s all they do.

The best method for ensuring consistent, high quality, performance-based management conversations is to combine the scheduling of regular short, sharp meetings with information gathering, record keeping and regular conversations all in the one place, accessible to both managers and employees at anytime, anywhere.

So that’s what our HR software solution does – in fact, while it starts as really great HR software that is easy to use and saves time and money in its own right, here at 21 Triangles our interest has been more in how our HR software can help simplify management process and improve team performance – because of the immediate benefits to business performance and profitability. We know that using our HR software primarily as performance management software assists with management by improving communication, certainty and team engagement – meaning better performance in every respect, with better relationships and less stress.

In summary, our HR software, when viewed and used as performance management software, improves performance, staff engagement and profitability – all at very low cost. And it’s easy to set up and use. And we can help you get set up and start seeing benefits very quickly. So if you want better team performance call us to discuss how our performance management software, systems and processes can help you right now.

To learn more about how our HR software and systems can help you, click HERE. If the idea of a highly effective and easy to use performance management process appeals to you, to read more about Mars – The Ultimate Performance Management System, click here or here to take the free test. Alternatively, contact us directly to talk about how we might be able to help you.

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