Independent Recruiter Partnerships Now Available – Limited Opportunity for the Ethical Professional.

A limited number of opportunities are available for professional recruiters to dramatically change they way they work and earn. But before we go any further, I’d like to give you an outline of what we’re doing here, so you can decide whether it’s something that suits your personality, ethics and goals. […]

Professional Recruitment Partner 21 Triangles


Mars is here – and after 5 years of research and development, its about time!

Common management practices don’t work – and here’s why Much of today’s people-management practices originate from the “machine view” of organisations, where top-down compliance and efficiency was the dominant approach. This worked well enough when workers were largely uneducated, change was slow and this hierarchical style fitted within top-down social […]

How to Get Your Employees Engaged Quickly and at No Cost. AKA The Rule of Averages

A 2012 Gallup survey showed that only 24% of Australian employees were actively engaged with their work (and Australia ranked 2nd best!!!). Imagine that – only 1 in 4 genuinely cared and were out there doing their best for their employer every day. The same surveys show around 16% of […]



Your gift to yourself

As another Christmas descends upon us*, we tend to think differently and about different things. Some worry more and work harder to hit the “Christmas” deadline that they or someone else has imposed. Some get to wind down in the last days or weeks, presumably as an unspoken reward for […]

Happiness is a choice. Your choice.

Remember that time when you really looked forward to eating at a restaurant, only to be disappointed because something wasn’t right, and that something really bothered you? Maybe the steak was a little over or undercooked, or not as tender as you expected. Or maybe the vegetables were soggy, the […]



Level 6 HR – From Human Resources to Human Relationships

There are many views of how relationships within organisations should be framed and conducted. At one end there are those where people are seen as cogs in a machine, to be controlled and corralled to be as productive as possible in usually repetitive non-intrinsically engaging work where change occurs slowly […]