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Caught In The Act!… of doing something right: A neurochemical approach to high performance management.

There is no shortage or theories on how to manage and lead – every day we witness new insights from the famous, talented or deceased. But how might we enact good management on a daily, hands-on basis – and, just as importantly, why? It turns out there is genuine science […]

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Performance Management Coaching – Brisbane and Gold Coast

There is no escaping the connection between highly performing businesses, high performance management and high performing teams – and the most crucial link is performance management. Simply, if you don’t manage the performance of the people, you’re not managing the performance of the business. But performance management is not just […]

“Training is a waste of time”

How often we’ve all heard these words – and how often they’re right! If people believe that training is a waste of time, then they’ll probably prove themselves correct. They’ll also be correct if the training isn’t done properly, or where “quick fix” training courses so often are of little […]