B-double Milk Tanker Driver – Mount Gambier

7R Logistics is currently looking for b-double milk tanker drivers to be based at Mt Gambier. Permanent and part time work is available – we’ll work around your preferences as much as we can. We also have a great workshop facility at the depot, so equipment should always be in excellent condition.

Who is 7R Logistics?
Having established an industry leading reputation for honesty, service and reliability over the past few decades interstate in liquid transport, 7R is now coming to South Australia. 7R’s values are based in:

  • Safety
  • Customer focus
  • Openness and integrity
  • Team culture and support
  • High quality equipment
  • Fairness and inclusion
  • Continual improvement in process and technology – there is always a better way
  • Ongoing personal development – everyone can learn, contribute and grow

We are committed to ensuring our employees experience these values at work.

The Role

The work itself involves collecting milk from large farms in the local region on some shifts, and driving that to Adelaide in 25 or 26m b-doubles on other shifts. This means there’s plenty of variety and interest in the work.

Shift length is often (but not always) in the 12-14 hour range, so you’ll need BFM. There is no time-pressure, and we encourage you to drive carefully and take the breaks you need to manage your safety and fatigue

Full training for the milk collection is provided and you will find there is always support available for questions that come up as you work. Because it is milk, there are processes around food hygiene and safety you’ll need to work, and we’ll also work with you on driving routines and schedules too.

The roster is set out in advance, so you can plan your home and work life balance.


To succeed safely and contribute to our culture, you’ll need:

  • MC license and a sound driving history.
  • A willingness to continually learn, develop and refine your skills.
  • Cooperative, considerate and inclusive work habits.
  • To prioritise your own safety and wellbeing, and that of others at work and on the road.


Apart from really good equipment, a supportive culture and a predictable and safe roster, we offer an excellent rate of pay. We also offer monthly and annual performance-based bonuses that you should expect to achieve.

With drivers of over 20-years+ standing, if you also share our values it is easy to see that 7R is an employer you would want to work for.

If you think this role is perfect for you, apply through SEEK here.