Customer Experience and Sales Process Design



At its core, success involves reaching, engaging & keeping customers. We design behaviourally-based sales & customer engagement processes to improve sales, customer experience, customer retention & profit margins.

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Customer Experience Design

Where every product, service and business is experiencing fierce competition in tough economic times, the pressure on finding and retaining the best customers has never been more stressful. Commonly, businesses compete by discounting prices as a quick and easy way to influence buying decisions – a short term solution that commonly harms profit, quality and reputation while encouraging competitors to do the same. Because it changes customer perceptions and expectations, discounting is usually a poor short-term solution to a longer term problem.

In contrast, the world’s leading companies understand that not all customers want to pay less. Instead, most customers want more for their money, and will often also pay more if they feel it will make them feel happier or solve problems better. And the “more” that is usually hardest to replicate, cheapest to create and most valued are great customer experiences. Most great customer experiences include great customer service, but go far beyond that to include influencing how customers feel about people, environments and brands, supported by how well products and services performed in comparison to expectations. Based in the neurology or our emotionally-driven brains, those customer perceptions are based on human personal and social needs-based behaviours, so the emotion is more important than the logic!

Perhaps the greatest thing about being great at creating loyalty and building a competitive edge through great customer experiences is not simply in achieving the first sale, but, by proactively seeking and solving problems, converting complaints and customer disengagement into meaningful connection and loyalty – and also converting loyalty into advocacy. This is how some of the world’s most progressive and profitable businesses, despite being “imperfect” in many ways, build their brand reputation and customer base while growing sales, margins and profit. And, right now, its also a great opportunity for any business that acts quickly as most competitors will leave tomorrow’s sales and customer loyalty to chance because they simply don’t know how much can be achieved for so little effort.

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Customer Service Training

Would anyone want an untrained mechanic working on their car? Then why would anyone allow their customer service team, the frontline of their business, the face of the company, with commonly little or no training in building relationships, solving problems and managing stress, to determine the success of their business when engaging the people who pay the bills and determine reputation – their customers? This attitude toward customer service providers not being trained is extremely common – businesses regularly teach people how to perform tasks and comply with processes, but rarely provide adequate behaviourally-based customer service training.

Behavioural customer service training and process design, both in person and online, is firstly about developing a customer-centric mentality, and then in learning and implementing the skills that support the brand, improve customer relationships and solve problems. And as a business overhead, customer service also needs to be productive in creating or protecting revenue. The question of whether customer service is an expense or an investment is largely one of perception, intent and management. Investments in customer service are low risk and can be extremely rewarding both immediately and in the longer term.

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Sales Process Design

Have you ever noticed that sales results vary so much from one sales representative to another? Have you ever thought why, past the point that some people are good at selling and others aren’t? The most successful companies spend time identifying their ideal customers, learning what their considerations, influences and buying criteria are, and then designing marketing activities, a customer experience and sales processes around that knowledge while building a team of people who are genuinely interested in selling and building relationships.

They take into account what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, their budget and scope, priorities and opportunities and develop sales processes from lead or interest generation through to fact-finding, engagement, sales, and post-sale. The process should include adding, demonstrating and tailoring value to unique customer preferences, as well as creating valuable differences to competitors and margin opportunities by making direct price comparisons more difficult. Increasingly, this sales process design element incorporates behavioural customer experience design too: good customer experience design includes, and should be based around, good sales process design – Victor Gruen, perhaps by accident, proved it half a century ago.

Sales people tend to be set loose to figure these things out as they go, but a better approach is to develop a proven process that can be replicated, taught, measured and managed. You know the rest of your business works best when there are set processes, so why not sales?

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Mercury Customer Experience and Customer Engagement Program

For businesses that want to take a holistic approach to customer engagement, customer experience design, customer service and sales processes, we have developed Mercury – Your Lifetime Customer Engagement Program. Learn more about the Mercury Customer Experience and Customer Engagement Program, take the free test to see how you currently engage with and benefit from your customers or  contact us to talk about what you’d like to achieve.