Leadership, Management & Supervisor Training Courses



21 Triangles provides Leadership Training, Management Training and Supervisor Training in class settings, in-house workshops and one-on-one tutoring.

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Leadership Training

Responsibility for the performance or behaviour of others can be a difficult and stressful challenge. Yet most people in leadership roles are untrained and unprepared, with inevitable outcomes of under-performance and high staff turnover accompanied by personal stress and burnout. 21 Triangles leadership training sets those in leadership roles up for success, both personally and professionally, working from a perspective of self-awareness and self-management through to the skills and behaviours leaders require to inspire the trust, respect and followship of others. Delivered in class settings, as an in-house training course or on a one-on-one basis, 21 Triangles leadership training courses include:

  • Personality Types (self and others)
  • Emotional Intelligence Training (self)
  • Emotional Intelligence Training (others)
  • Leadership Styles – good, bad and ugly
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Time Management Training
  • Presentation Skills Training

Learn more about why leadership training matters and 21 Triangles leadership training options or contact us to talk about how we create a customised leadership training course uniquely for your needs.

Here’s a great YouTube video by David Marquet on his experience as a submariner and the benefits of Distributive Leadership, a style that can be very useful for employee teams that have expertise and a connection with organisational purpose. Even if this style doesn’t suit every situation immediately, its core messages do.



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Management Training

Managers always seem to end up getting caught in the middle, with pressure from above and below, and endless days that seem to just go from one problem to the next. Success in management, among other things, involves having the mindset and skills to cope with those pressures. Effective management training involves not only a set of management skills, but a change of mindset and perspective. A shift from problems to solutions. From stress to opportunity. From coping to growing. From conflict to cooperation. For those who have not had management training improvements like these may seem unachievable, but for those who have experienced a really good management training program and have chosen to take on some of the lessons from their management training, the changes in performance, stress management and team building are often amazing.

21 Triangles management training, delivered in class settings or one-on-one, has proven effective in helping those in management positions better manage themselves, their pressures and those around them. Topics covered include:

  • High Performance Team Building
  • Developing a High Performance Culture
  • Setting and Managing Performance Standards
  • Performance Appraisals Training
  • Performance Management Training
  • Difficult Conversations Training
  • Meetings That Work

Learn more about how management training can be so helpful and explore 21 Triangles management training options, or contact us to talk about how we can help your management team.


Supervisor Training

The level of management that is usually complained about by those above and below most commonly is at the supervisory level. This is not surprising, as it often rests with an otherwise high performing employee who is untrained in the skills specific to performing the supervisory task compared to the task being carried out. In some cases these people may be new to the supervisory role and in many cases they have been doing it to the best of their ability, getting by on common sense and hard work. Supervisors are often under pressure and seem to be burdened by endless problems, struggling to keep up with the demands of their role, let alone having time for building relationships and improving performance, quality and efficiency.

However, many of the costly stresses, errors and other problems can be minimised with even simple, single-session supervisor training. Our 3 hour supervisor training session includes topics including:

  • Approach to the role
  • Prioritisation
  • Delegation
  • Communication
  • Feedback
  • Conflict resolution

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