May 2020 Newsletter + Free Iso-Employee Survey Offer

Welcome to our first newsletter in waaaaay too long. Does that mean we’ve been too busy – or too slack? Or maybe just had spare time on our hands? Maybe a bit of all of that. Anyway, we’ve got some very timely insights and guides for you, along with a special limited free offer to help and your team get through this difficult period.

We start by looking at the deeper effects of iso-working on motivation and well-being, and what leaders can do to make work as engaging, productive and fulfilling as possible. To support you and your team, take advantage of a free NEURO-M Iso-Working Survey & Report so you can stay in touch with how they are adjusting at an intrinsic level. We’ll also note priorities and recommendations that you might find helpful.

We also reveal our biggest assessment and training program update yet- The NEURO-M Culture 360 Assessment and its accompanying Leading with Culture training and coaching program. We also introduce you to the neuroscience behind why we all do the things we do at every moment of every day via the neuroscience of motivation. You’ll be amazed at just how simple it is to influence confidence, effort and results!

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Iso-Working: Your NEURO-M Guide to Engagement, Fulfilment & Well-Being

What happens when “being at work” is suddenly “being at home”? What changes in motivation, behaviour, performance and fulfilment? What does it mean for managers and employees?

Working from home is a whole new experience. For some leaders and teams, it’s a whole new ballgame, while for others the adjustment is much easier. Read why, and how to adapt, succeed and make the most of this chance to make a dramatically positively change to working life, lifestyle and outcomes for many employers and employees.

The NEURO-M Culture 360 Assessment + Leading with Culture Training and Coaching Program

The newly revised NEURO-M Culture 360 Assessment and Leading with Culture Training and Coaching program is our biggest update, and most comprehensive training program, yet. Designed to inform and empower leaders and aspiring leaders at all levels, it analyses workgroup and organisational cultures from all angles. This unique assessment and training program sees leaders designing, implementing, leading and managing their ideal workgroup cultures to achieve the high engagement, performance, fulfilment and social outcomes they and their teams aspire to. Read more or get in touch to find out how you can have the team culture you’re looking for (even in iso-teams!).

The Neuroscience of Motivation

Why do people do the things they do? The Neuroscience of Motivation involves 3 neural processes that determine what every one of us does – and doesn’t do – every moment of every day. Understand them and you can influence the attention, effort and behaviour of yourself and those you work with. Yep, this is an absolute game-changer for how we think about leading and managing self and others. You can also learn how to motivate by influencing reward anticipationvaluation and self-regulation. You can also inquire about the NEURO-M Motivation At Work Training & Coaching Program for all current and aspiring leaders.

Optimise Engagement, Performance & Well-being

As always, if you’d like to find out how we can support you to build and develop your leadership and employee teams for optimal engagement, performance and well-being, simply request a free introductory consultation. No cost, no obligation, no risk.


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