Neuromanagement Training

Neuromanagement is designed around fundamental human brain design and function, supporting better management of self and others for superior performance, engagement, relationships and health.


A scientifically supported approach to contemporary management

The principles of neuromanagement are designed to leverage our in-built motivations and reward systems for superior effort, problem-solving, performance and happiness, benefiting employees, managers and organisations. Unlike traditional management methods which attempts to use rationality and authority to control behaviours and outcomes through instructions and discipline, neuromanagement works more naturally though engagement and respect. In this way, neuromanagement enlists not only the time and physical resources of employees, but also their care, support, cooperation, creativity, and discretionary effort. Specifically, neuromanagement is designed to connect with our powerful emotional brains to create social connections, build trust and link to natural human motivators. And unlike some other management theories, the principles of neuromanagement are based on observed neurochemical and neurobiological science – it works because it’s proven to work.21t-3

Because it is attuned to our deeply held needs and natural psychological and sociological reward systems, neuromanagement is much more effective in the long term than other approaches, most especially the common approach of management by default (most managers don’t receive any significant management training until at least 10 years after they have been in their management role, by which time habits are ingrained and attitudes defensive). Neuromanagement is also compatible with other management practices that have been found to be most effective, and for managers skilled in some of those, the lessons from neuromanagement can help to inform, guide and add to their practices.

Neuromanagement training is suitable for any person in a management role in any type of organisation where there is a desire to perform at a high standard and retain a quality employee team, including supervisors, line managers and senior managers of all (or no) experience levels. The common factor for suitability is a willingness to embrace new knowledge and to modify one’s own thoughts, habits and behaviours in order to improve personal and organisational performance



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