NeuroSmart® Recruitment The science of recruitment

Great recruitment is the starting point for great teams, cultures & outcomes. And with hire cost often at 50% of annual salary & failure rates commonly between 25% & 60%, the cost of getting it wrong is just too high. So, by combining our extensive recruitment experience with ground-breaking applications of behavioural psychology & neurobiology, we have taken recruitment to a new level – for every level.

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NeuroSmart™ Executive Recruitment Our premium service

From reaching out to the right people, through to how we interview applicants & their referees, combined with our predictive assessments of temperament, preferred working style, motivations, approach to challenges, resilience & integrity, we offer a complete service that stands alone in what it explores & the thoroughness of the information you get to make the very best decisions for the most important roles. Learn more [link to X.1 executive recruitments page]

Neurosmart Behavioural Recruitment All the information you need

Borrowed from our executive recruitment service, our general recruitment process combines behavioural interviewing with subconscious behavioural & motivational assessments to ensure that when we recommend an applicant for an interview, you may learn things about them that they don’t know about themselves. This means you can make recruitment decisions at any level that are good for both you & your new employee, allowing everyone to flourish & succeed. Learn more (link to X.2 general recruitment)

Professional recruiter support Assessments

To help great recruitment & HR professionals to confidently make recommendations with information that they’ve never had before, our Neurosmart Pre-Employment Assessments are now available as a stand-alone service. Each assessment comes with a professional report & if you purchase 50 or more we can even put your brand on each report you receive. Learn more (link to X.3 Support for recruiters)

Express your interest in masterclass training [link this sentence/graphic to an expression of interest inquiry form].

Recruiter Training Learn what we know

As a part of our mission to improve workplaces by helping others to match employers & employees, we have made our instructional videos [link “instructional videos” to the section where the recruitment training videos are accessed] on how to interpret Neurosmart™ Pre-Employment Assessments available for FREE for you to refer to at any time. We can also provide masterclass training in combining behavioural interviewing techniques with assessment results so you can see exactly what we see.

Use our exclusive & proven behavioural & neuroscience-based recruitment services to make better recruitment choices at every level.

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