Testimonials for 21 Triangles

“In my industry profitability relies on efficiency, innovation and a high level of customer service, which in turn rely on having a highly engaged professional team. For the past 2 years I have partnered with Michael to access management training, executive coaching, HR support and recruitment for our teams across Australia. In particular, our current performance management practices have assisted in improving our culture and profitability. Today, I spend more time than ever working on new business opportunities, knowing that my teams are achieving new productivity milestones while providing great service for my customers. Despite difficult economic times for many others, we have never been in a stronger position.”

Steve Wastell, Managing Director, Blu Logistics 


“When we first realised we needed to build on the managerial skills of our senior leadership team to transition them from Operational competency to confident People Leaders, we knew this challenge would need the calming and steady hand of a good change agent with a key insight to human behaviour.  We found these traits in Michael McIntosh.  Over the subsequent 2 years, our behavioural change and leadership development journey has seen many challenges but also much success within our leadership team.  Michael worked one-on-one with each manager, exploring their strengths and challenges and identifying strategies to ensure each person was able to identify their way to reach maximum potential for them and that of the business.  Michael was key to supporting the managers in their exploration of their role and skills and the most important action Michael took – was not giving them the solution, but helping them identify the tools to reach it.”

Julie Russell, Director –Support Services, Russell Transport


“The professional self-development and high performance team building management training courses have been a real eye-opener. I now understand more about how to get the best out of myself and my team. I’m also feeling better with the stresses and pressures of my work, as well as being more comfortable dealing with difficult situations. I feel my management skills have grown a lot as a result of the training and I feel confident and ready for the challenges and opportunities for my team, myself and my career ahead.”

Chris Pascoe, Operations Manager, Retracom


“When we were recently faced with having to fill a particularly important senior management role we turned to 21 Triangles, and within 4 weeks had engaged the perfect candidate with the skills, attitude and personal characteristics to take that division to a whole new level of performance. We also saved around $16,000 compared to a recruitment agency at the same time! I am absolutely thrilled at the value, service and outcome and recommend the Elara recruitment partnership without hesitation.”

Rob Hodges, General Manager, Russell Transport Group


“As the MBA Director of the QUT Business School, I continually meet many talented people from different backgrounds with deep knowledge and skill. Michael McIntosh, CEO of 21 Triangles, is one such individual; successful in his own right he has the rare ability to “think different” and approach issues from a unique perspective. His insights into consumer behavior, business strategy and business management reflect a blend of original thinking and commercial acumen illustrated by the original strategic planning tools he has created. It was then no surprise then when he was awarded the MBA Medallion for the highest GPA in the QUT MBA program for 2014. I recommend Michael to anyone who wants to develop their business, build their team and engage with customers.”

Glen Murphy, MBA Director, Queensland University of Technology


“Dear Michael,
Just wanted to let you know that I was walking on the beach on Monday morning feeling stress free and it suddenly occurred to me that I am actually living the life I have dreamed of for the past 10 years.
I finally have balance in my life. I have the client list I want and the spare time I need to do all those other things that are important to me. I feel my business and lifestyle goals are now perfectly matched.
Thank you so much for your advice and help – it’s made a world of difference to me both professionally and personally.
Kind regards,

Anita Cross, General Manager, Intergroup Advertising


“Michael is an extremely talented and insightful professional. He possesses an impressive balance of theoretical and practical business expertise which allows him to add an extraordinary level of value to discussions, projects and problem solving scenarios for clients, colleagues and academics. He is an accomplished author, successful entrepreneur and a genuinely sound character. I have always enjoyed and benefited from our professional interactions and intend to continue working with Michael on a variety of projects well into the future.”

Justin Bindman, HR Advisor at Wagstaff Piling


Michael delivered an informative and enlightening presentation. The training enabled a more communicative and cohesive team, and had an immediate and positive impact on the team, our patients and our business.

Ariella Caldwell, Feetology


“Michael McIntosh is a true professional who delivers outstanding service and value for his clients. He has a wealth of Human Resource, People Management and Leadership experience to draw upon and a capacity to translate this knowledge to practical application as a key strength. Michael has an enthusiasm and drive that is both contagious and intuitive, having a thorough understanding of various coaching and leadership styles and how to implement them in work situations. His experience, expertise and knowledge would be an asset for any company seeking out his counsel and guidance”

Anthony Cavanagh, Independent Business Developer, Retail and Franchising


“Michael is a very well rounded business professional, with strong skills and passion for Leadership and HR process review/development. Michael has a knack of being able to pin point the ‘people’ issues that are hindering business growth and implementing simple improvement strategies while developing everyones leadership and communication skills along the way.”

Paula Maidens, Director Recruitment Coach


“Having worked with Michael at both BMW and Lamborghini, I have been impressed with the advice and coaching he has provided to me and the people around me. His ability to quickly understand diverse circumstances and provide real-world strategic direction and operational methodology has worked hand-in-hand with his natural coaching and leadership style which has fostered team involvement, buy-in and support. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael McIntosh’s expertise to anyone in a business ownership or management situation.”

Scott Robinson, Manager, Lamborghini Brisbane


On Bob’s Buttons:

Bob’s Buttons reminded me that growing a business has many differing personalities plying for our attention (not always in the same direction). It also reminded me that I need trusted advisors and a network of people around me to guide me, make suggestions, recommendations and provide support, although in the end it’s ultimately my business and my decision and my responsibility to make the best of what I have and make the staff around me the best that they can be.

I think the use of Bob’s reminders and the publisher’s explanation are a great idea. I look forward to having Bob’s reminders on my wall to provide advice on a regular basis.

Jason Lawrence, Managing Director, SalesFix Pty Ltd