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The 21T Value Grid is a unique strategic market analysis & planning tool that identifies where opportunity exists – and where it doesn’t. Incorporating concepts from consumer behaviour & game theory, it can be quickly used to predict & explain market & business change, success & failure.

Created by & exclusive to 21 Triangles, the 21T Value Grid is applicable in any open & competitive market.

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Value grid The 21T Value Grid

Why do customers make the purchasing decisions they do? What are they thinking about? Why do some choose to do business with your competitors and some from you? How big an influence is price? What are the other influences?  Is it possible to minimise competition? What next?

These and many other questions are absolutely crucial for businesses of every kind, whether B2C or B2B, large or small, niche or mainstream, new or established, service or product oriented. The most successful businesses and brands are extremely knowledgeable about what they do, who for and why – as well as how they compare. Some understand their customers buying habits, while others also understand why those buying habits are as they are. They also know what threats their competitors create and what they need to do to differentiate or out-compete – sometimes on price, but often not. They design their brands, their products, their services and their customer experiences around their brand values. The best even design employee experiences in the same way. No matter what their segment, industry or competition, these focused businesses and brands are likely to be the very best at what they do and highly resistant to competitors. 

Traditionally, there have been two types of businesses that have the ability to be very good at knowing their markets – large businesses with the resources to constantly measure, analyse and plan (but amazingly often still get it wrong), and micro businesses where the owners are extremely close to the psychology and needs of customers in a specific niche (but often struggle to duplicate their success). Now, with the 21T Value Grid, this type of market insight is available for any business in any industry, location or market.


The 21T Value Grid plots comparisons in the five major categories of decision-making

value grid para

Using the 21T Value Grid, market viability and success can be predicted with confidence. It helps businesses define direction, product and service design, quality standards, brand imagery, promotional activities and other core strategic initiatives. Without these understandings, to greater and lesser extents, businesses are often lost, searching for direction in a confusing sea of customers, competitors and internal uncertainty. The 21T Value Grid really is a GPS for business.

The 21T Value Grid’s strength is in how it quickly creates certainty about where you are positioned in relation to competitors and shows how you can minimise weaknesses and exploit strengths – and just like a map you get the chance to objectively view things from a higher perspective. The insights can be amazing – and fast! For those having a hard time with competitors or direction, options become instantly broader and clearer. For those already doing well the 21T Value Grid helps to show where future challenges might come from and where future potential, both offensively and defensively, might exist.

In conjunction with other tools and processes the 21T Value Grid is essential for designing the most appropriate strategies and guidelines around identity, marketing activities and business direction. It’s crucial in planning product, service, location and customer experience (and employee experience) design, as well as pricing structures and promotional strategies. And, consistent with the its own principles, the 21T Value Grid stands alone in what it achieves and how easily it achieves it, irrespective of business size or market.

Simply, the 21T Value Grid is an essential and highly effective strategic planning tool – and it’s exclusive to 21 Triangles. Contact us to discuss how the 21T Value Grid can help you to identify the most profitable, sustainable and unique opportunities for you and your business.



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