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We are dedicated to improving the performance, success & well-being of organisations & the people within them. Our work is based on neurobiology & behavioural psychology, & proven with our clients in competitive business environments. Our initiatives are based on research, evidence & experience, designed for practical workplace implementation within all organisational contexts. We work closely with our clients to build superior teams, cultures, management habits & leadership skills that underpin significant improvements for their businesses, shareholders, employees & customers.

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21 Triangles was created in 2010 when we were asked to work with some inexperienced managers to develop their skills and improve their performance. Today we are leaders in the development & practical application of neurobiology & behavioural psychology in competitive & challenging human workplace settings. This sees us involved with our clients in areas ranging from recruiting high performing & loyal teams & leaders, through to administering our suite of exclusive NEURO-M Assessments, and on to leadership training, coaching & advisory roles to C-Suite Executives & Boards. At the same time, we continue to research, innovate & raise the bar on everything we do with a view to empowering others to take our knowledge & processes to new organisations in new regions in the years to come. Learn more.

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Health & Well-being

Health and well-being of body & brain are as connected to each other as they are to personal & organisational capacity, success & longevity. The most successful individuals & organisations of the future will be those that can regularly draw on the all of their capacity for focus, innovation & problem-solving in the face of unexpected threats, demands & opportunities. From every perspective & for every possible reason, we are strong advocates, through all of our research & work, for holistic health & well-being. Learn more. 

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