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No one wants to be the one who recommends people who don’t work out. It’s expensive, time-wasting, frustrating & potentially embarrassing. That’s why we have made our exclusive NEURO-M Candidate Assessments available for recruiters & HR professionals – & at very affordable prices. We also offer one-on-one behavioural interviewing, providing a different perspective to inform or complement your own. And yes, we also train professionals in behavioural interviewing & advanced NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Report analysis.

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Leaders looking over a completed recruitment assessment

New insights You deserve to know it all

Resumes & profiles are advertising. Interviews & references are a presentation. Work history & achievements are contextual. Objectively, the picture is often patchy & confusing – even for recruitment experts.  Our exclusive NEURO-M Candidate Assessments are based on neurobiology, motivational theory & behavioural science, predicting behaviours (including changes under stress), subconscious motivations (the ones most candidates can’t tell you – because they don’t know them either) & likely reactions under pressure. Which of those can you afford not to know?

Recruiters discussing a recently completed round of psychometric testing

A complete picture Information you can trust

NEURO-M Candidate Assessments are very hard to deceive, with built-in tests for nuance, consistency & integrity. Even if applicants were to guess at the underlying & often subconscious or dual purpose for each question, unless they were highly knowledgeable in psychology, motivational neuroscience, neurobiology & neuropsychotherapy they would probably not get far. What’s more, the algorithms we have developed & refined over years have proven to be extremely reliable despite serious attempts at manipulation by some very clever applicants. Honesty isn’t just the best policy – it’s the only one.

Recruiters reviewing their skills to conduct behavioural interviewing

Behavioural Interviewing An insightful perspective

Interviewing is a skill that covers more than whether an applicant can perform a role & basics like pay & hours. As importantly, understanding how they affect or are affected by your culture, what motivates or triggers them, how they value customers & more essential information doesn’t show up on a resume & can be hard to get at. Behavioural interviews look behind the mask, & in conjunction with NEURO-M Candidate Assessments reveal in-depth insights so you can make the best choice every time. We can perform behavioural interviews for you, as we do for current clients without disrupting their relationships with specialist recruiters, or train you in how to do them yourself.

Recruiters discussing completed recruitment assessments

Professional reports A great presentation

When presenting information to others, or even sorting through options for yourself, you want things to be well-structured, clearly presented & easy to follow. After we compile & check each one, our NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Report is forwarded to you as a full-colour print-ready PDF. All we need is a name, email address & phone number to follow up candidates who haven’t completed their assessments. When you take advantage of our preferential pricing for purchasing 50 or more assessments we can also co-brand your report with your logo!

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Recruiter training Be the expert

While NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Reports are self-explanatory, to become an expert in using them to their full potential we highly recommend training in interpretation in combination with other available information. Ideally you’d also conduct behavioural interviews, which will provide even more support & context for the information in the reports, allowing you to see candidates from many angles with greater insights, far beyond what they might want you to see. We can provide training on both advanced NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Report analysis & behavioural interviewing skills. Learn more.

Selecting the best candidate using behavioural interviewing and psychometric testing

Affordable pricing Good decisions don’t have to be expensive

Already priced affordably for regular use, we offer discounts of up to 40% for pack purchases, representing great savings for recruitment professionals. This applies to NEURO-M Essentials Candidate Assessments, which are appropriate for most roles, as well as for NEURO-M Executive Candidate Assessments, which adds Leadership Resilience for leadership, challenging & highly autonomous roles.

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