NEURO-M Executive Recruitment Big decisions, big consequences

The leadership team makes all the difference in shaping culture, reputation & performance. That’s why you want to know about motives, behaviours, integrity & resilience – especially when the pressure is on. Combining behavioural interviewing & assessments based on neurobiology, we are as dedicated to giving you the full picture as you are in making the perfect choice.

NEURO-M Executive Recruitment gives you the edge in building your ideal leadership team

Solving problems in recruitment through behavioural interviewing and psychometric testing

Managers to C-Suite Executive recruitment is an opportunity for growth

With a record of many successful appointments, we have been able to source the highest quality – & best fit – talent for executive roles from manager through to GM & the C-Suite. Our focus is squarely on ideal fit in skill and aspirations for high performance, retention & fulfilment. Our work is never about simply filling a vacancy & always about maximising an opportunity.

Recruiters looking over completed psychometric testing

Information you need Essential insights

Executive applicants are often skilled communicators who can sell themselves – but, behind the polish, who are they & what are they selling? We explore beyond the preferred stories of highly educated & persuasive applicants to reveal the person behind the mask – & that’s where our skilled behavioural interviewing & proven NEURO-M Executive Candidate Assessments come into their own. You deserve to know the truth.

Recruiter conducting behavioural interviewing

Behavioural interviewing Expertise, experience & evidence

Our behavioural interviewing technique is a skill born of study & practice, shaped by our expertise in counseling, coaching & organisational behaviour. As C-level advisors to some of our clients, we are also highly experienced in the realities of what it takes to be successful in highly demanding & competitive fields. Qualified & experienced in business strategy, operations, counselling & neuropsychotherapy, & supported by years of professional recruitment practice, we take behavioural interviewing to a completely different level so that you can make better choices every time.

Recruiters reviewing completed psychometric assessments of potential applicants

NEURO-M Executive Candidate Assessments Reliable, proven & accurate

We use four different NEURO-M Assessments to explore motivations, behaviours, stress-responses & personal capacity at differing levels of self-awareness to reliably predict behavioural patterns, resilience, workplace preferences (especially role suitability), subconscious motivations & responses to challenges. We then cross-reference them with each other, behavioural interviewing & other reliable sources to build a 360 degree picture of an applicant, including the integrity shown throughout – yes, we test for that too! These are amazing & unique insights.

Woman looking over a completed neurosmart executive recruitment report

NEURO-M Executive Candidate Reports The information you need in one place

We present our findings for each candidate in a full report complete with a quick one-page exec summary if you’re pushed for time. The report allows you to access key information including NEURO-M Executive Candidate Assessment results & what they mean when combined with interview notes & other data. Each summary is an objective appraisal, including the ups & downs so you know exactly what to expect. We need your input too – the more you can tell us up-front, the better we can find your ideal match. View here. 

Group reviewing completed recruitment assessments

Process integrity Transparency is our priority

We do not work on commissions or placement fees, as this practice has an inherent potential for compromise. Instead, we agree on a set price or rate for our professional service to you, ensuring that our ethics are always matched to our practice. We always disclose what we know of an applicant, for better & worse, & we never modify resumes or pre-prepare applicants. Ever. And, with NEURO-M Executive Candidate Assessment Reports included, our commitment & your value is assured.

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