NEURO-M Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis Explore personal preferences - & honesty!

Every one of us is unique, with our own aspirations & preferred ways of thinking & working. When making employment & career decisions, get it right & you end up with people fitting in, performing well & engaging with their work & the people around them.  The NEURO-M Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis identifies preferences across 8 categories so you can make more informed decisions. And it also has a secret…

Essential insights for recruitment & career development

Leaders looking at a NeuroSmart® Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis report

Easy to use Fast & easy for participants & admins

The NEURO-M Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis provides useful insights for 8 categories of workplace behaviours, along with insights into nuanced thinking & integrity. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes for participants to complete, & every report comes with a user guide to help you to quickly make the most of the results. It is an ideal supplement for our other pre-employment & career-planning assessments.

An ambitious leader

Ambition & assertiveness Exploring key ingredients for leadership roles

A strong ambition score indicates a want for more responsibility, career progression & leadership, whereas its opposite indicates a preference for stability, or perhaps even a reduction in responsibility & pressure. A solid assertiveness score indicates self-belief & willingness to express one’s own perspective or opinion, whereas its opposite reflects a preference for avoiding conflict. These preferences are often strong influences on workplace behaviours.

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Compliance & attention to detail Reveal attitudes toward process, improvisation & outcome

A positive compliance score indicates a preference for following rules & processes generally, with the opposite being a preference for improvisation for expediency and problem-solving. A strong score for attention to detail indicates self-perceptions of accuracy, tidiness & order, with an opposite being a preference for focusing more on workable outcomes than thoroughness for its own sake. None of these scores are universally “right” or “wrong” – it is simply a matter of whether a preference suits the requirements of a role.

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Flexibility & willingness to learn How much are things changing in your workplace?

A strong flexibility score indicates a relaxed approach toward hours, work & duties, where a strong inflexibility score suggests a more wary, transactional approach that might suit a regimented, low-autonomy environment. Willingness to learn reflects openness to letting go of existing beliefs & habits in favour of new ones, with its opposite being a preference for existing, typically experiential, knowledge & habits. Either can be preferable depending on what is ideal for a given situation.

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Independence & communication Loner or team player?

A strong independence score indicates a preference for working alone, focusing on tasks without needing to interact often. The opposite is a preference for routinely working with others, either beside them or in a team. This is very useful in selecting for roles as feeling overwhelmed by others, or lonely, can be distressing. A high written word score indicates the preference for regular, formal and written interactions & instructions, with an opposite that suggests comfort with incomplete, infrequent &/or informal communications, &, for some, discomfort with reading, writing or typing.

Leaders looking at Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis results

+ The hidden secret Insights into character

A flaw with many quizzes is that participants can often estimate what an “ideal” answer might be & manipulate their answers to suit. While our assessments are specifically designed to minimise deception, we allowed this one to seem more easily fooled. From there, we track response patterns for clues about integrity, confidence and tolerance. The value & reliability of these insights, combined with other assessments &/or behavioural interviews, has been mind-blowing.

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Better decisions Easy, fast & excellent value

The daily realities of work need to be a good match for an employee’s preferences in how they work, relate to others & see themselves. Get it wrong & people quickly get disenchanted, disengaged & disruptive, but get it right & there’s every chance employees will flourish. In conjunction with other NEURO-M assessments, the NEURO-M Workplace Preference & Integrity Analysis is ideal for recruitment, career planning, role design & personal development. View here. 

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