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Would you like to find out more about how our assessments and services might be of help to you? The best way to get in touch is to fill in the contact form here or you can email us at – either way we’ll get back to you quickly. You can also phone us on 1300 307 207 in Australia – we do get a bit busy so leave a message if we’re tied up and we’ll call you right back.

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You can also follow 21 Triangles on LinkedIn or connect directly with Michael on LinkedIn. Although we have a Facebook page, we’re not comfortable with the often harmful psychological & social impacts of social media generally so we don’t focus on it. Instead, if you’d like us to share our research & exciting developments with you, subscribe by opting-in here. We value your time so expect to hear from us no more than monthly. If you change your mind you can unsubscribe at any time.

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If you have quality research you’d like to share, you can e-mail that to us at with a view to us publishing it here. Please ensure that your research article is written to a high standard (academic or professional, without spelling, grammatical or formatting errors), relevant to neurobiology and seeks to enhance performance, fulfilment and well-being in the workplace. Articles will need to be original, evidence-based, referenced (as appropriate) and of an informational, rather than commercial, nature. We welcome both quantitative and qualitative research, and are comfortable with both, or a blended use of, modernist and post-modernist epistemologies. Submissions will be reviewed and any decision to publish or not publish is solely at our discretion. Of course, if we publish your work, it will be fully attributed to you.

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