NEURO-M Candidate Assessments Superior insights, better decisions.

NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Reports provide a thorough insight into motivations, responses, behaviours & work preferences. Combining multiple assessments, algorithms & data they are available in Essential & Executive versions, representing a significant step forward in decision making for fit, performance & retention for every role in every organisation.

Vital information every recruiter needs to know

Recruiter looking at results of psychometric testing

Temperament Proven, accurate & reliable

Temperament or personality assessments are typically limited by relying on a single profile. While appearing an easy way of categorising people, neurobiological changes under stress often see people responding in ways that do not fit that flawed assumption. Uniquely, the NEURO-M Predictive Temperament Assessment explores these shifts, allowing you to predict behaviours in and out of stress. This assessment has proven its value repeatedly, with predicted behavioural patterns not shown by a candidate in interviews becoming apparent in the workplace, especially when the pressure is on. This is accurate & essential information for any recruiter. Learn more.

Recruiter assessing future employee behaviour

Workplace Preferences & Integrity Simple questions, complex algorithms

This assessment serves 3 purposes – the first is to explore how candidates like to work, including their appetite for responsibility, independence, compliance & innovation. Just as helpfully, it serves as a useful comparison with information from other sources, such as work history, referees & other assessments for clues about self-knowledge & consistency. Perhaps most helpfully, as our most transparent quiz, we found that we could use it to explore both honesty & nuanced thinking without asking questions about either. As a check of candidate reliability & character, the NEURO-M Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis has proven invaluable. Learn more.

Recruiter assessing employee motivation

Motivation Subconscious needs drive behaviour

The NEURO-M Motivational Assessment is an amazingly powerful recruitment tool. Operating largely nonconsciously, it measures DNA-encoded primal behavioural motivators of effort & attention. It then compares the level of each type of motivational need to its satisfaction within a current (or most recent) workplace – the closer the pattern fit, the more stable the habits & behaviours. Gaps are motivation for change – the bigger the gap, the bigger the drive for change, possibly including employer. This is a powerful tool for recognising why someone would want to make a change, & whether they are likely to be able meet their needs in a new workplace in ways that are desirable & productive. This is essential information for employee engagement & retention.

Recruiter discussing why positivity is beneficial to employee engagement

Positivity Predict responses to challenges

When faced with challenges, a positive view (“approach” schema-dominant) amplifies potential upsides & intrinsic rewards, allowing the brain to engage in superior problem-solving, behavioural management & cooperation with others. A negative view focuses on risk & loss (“avoidance” schema-dominant), prompting defensive responses that can range from ignoring problems, withdrawal, detachment & escape (passive negative responses) through to blame, hostility & sabotage (active negative responses). Consistent patterns have emerged across core demographics, making comparisons between candidates fast & reliable.

An employee undergoing resilience training

NEURO-M Leadership Resilience Assessment For executive & highly autonomous roles

The test of any leader is when the pressure is highest, making resilience a core leadership trait. The NEURO-M Leadership Resilience Assessment explores resilience as more than personal fortitude – it also places leaders in complex, demanding, & team environments. Leadership resilience is expressed across 7 categories in 2 areas – enablers & domains. Where our other assessments prioritisation exploration & discovery, this one is necessarily tougher in its criteria. Initially designed for team leadership roles, it is also useful for autonomous positions where setbacks are common, including sales & unsupervised self-directed roles. Learn more.

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NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Reports 2 paths to accurate information

Specially designed for recruiters & HR professionals, the Essential NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Report includes temperament, preferences, integrity, positivity & motivation noted above as charts & comments to make them quick to read & easy to use. Combined & compared with information such as behavioural interviews, employment history & verification of skills & past experiences, you’ll have all the information you need to make excellent recruitment choices for most positions. The Executive NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Report adds the exclusive & advanced NEURO-M Leadership Resilience Assessment – vital information you’ll need when considering candidates for leadership & challenging autonomous roles.

Woman reading a completed neurosmart employee candidate report

Better decisions Proven & cost-effective

Every professional recruiter knows that reliable information about behaviours, honesty & motivation is the hardest thing to come by, & by far the most valuable. Developed & refined over many years of real-world testing, NEURO-M Candidate Assessments have proven to be the perfect complement to behavioural interviewing in revealing truths & bypassing a candidate’s ability to sell themselves. Although reports are easy to use & highly informative, we highly recommend training in advanced interpretation when combining all the data, as well as behavioural interviewing as a technique, to optimise skill & decision making. As you’d expect, we provide both. View here.

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