NeuroSmart® Leadership & Management Training A complete suite of training modules

NeuroSmart® Leadership & Management Training links key elements of neurobiology, psychology & organisational behaviour with simple, practical techniques that enhance performance, behaviour, culture, engagement, retention & well-being. These are essential skills for current & aspiring leaders, managers & supervisors.

Highly effective management & leadership techniques based on neurobiology & psychology

NeuroSmart® Essentials Neurobiological Systems & Basic Motivations

There are fundamental neurobiological principles that underpin human behaviours, including the ability in a given moment to think or communicate clearly, manage emotions & regulate behaviours. The neuroscience is not complex, and the knowledge is essential for anyone who aspires to self-development or leadership. Because these basics influence almost every other behavioural choice, conversation or management action, NeuroSmart® Essentials is the first of two prerequisite modules. Read about NeuroSmart® concepts

NeuroSmart® Motivation Influence thinking, behaviour & performance - naturally

Motivation is not a speech from a coach or a scene in a movie – it relates to how 3 systems in the brain decide, mostly below conscious awareness, what to do next every moment of every day. This module explores those mechanisms, their preferences & biases, & how to influence motivational choices of self & others. NeuroSmart® Motivation also explores the basic DNA-encoded needs that drive behaviours so powerfully yet nonconsciously, seeing them feeling compelled to do things that can range from being helpful & highly productive to being unacceptable & counter-productive. Affecting every decision & every behaviour of every person every day, this is the 2nd prerequisite module. Read more about motivation

Neuroleadership A new take on a primal role

As a pack species, humans are driven by DNA to establish social roles & hierarchies. Leadership’s primal origins lie in protection, certainty & unity, leveraging strength & the collective interests of followers for power. In modern organisations, the focus has shifted toward inspiration, modelling, enabling & support – a shift from control to choice. Power is not seized; rather, resonance is felt & trust is granted. Neuroleadership connects the neurobiology of basic needs & motivations with unity, safety, purpose, empowerment, fulfilment & well-being to create better workplaces & outcomes for employees, organisations & communities. Neuroleadership is authentic, effective, holistic & sustainable. It’s also simpler. Read more about Neuroleadership

NeuroSmart® Leadership Resilience Performance under pressure

NeuroSmart® Leadership Resilience training develops skills & habits that support superior responses to uncertainty, pressure & stress. Its  leadership-orientation means that it focuses as much on engaging & supporting a resilient team as it does on personal resilience – there is no point in a leader charging ahead into the most difficult challenges without the collaborative potential, resources & support of the team. Training is divided into the attributes that enable resilience, & the habits that enact it. A NeuroSmart® Leadership Resilience Assessment is included for all participants to assist with self-evaluation & prioritise areas for personal development. Read about Leadership Resilience

Neuromanagement More effective & less stressful

Management means different things to different people, both in concept and practice. Neuromanagement is based on the role of a manager as director, enabler & supporter of everyone in the team so that they can succeed individually & collectively in good spirit & good health. It draws directly upon basic NeuroSmart® principles to incorporate simple processes for delegating, supervising & empowering, as well as in how feedback, both good and bad, is delivered to enhance engagement, minimise conflict & optimise outcomes. Neuromanagement is more cohesive as an approach, & simpler, faster & more effective to learn & use than most popularist or traditional approaches. Read more about Neuromanagement

NeuroSmart® Culture Social neurobiology at work

As a social species, we find common ground in how we behave in each other’s presence, leading to shared beliefs, values & norms – to fit in, people need to comply. This is the coercive power of culture that can be so irresistibly healthy or toxic. A NeuroSmart® Culture is one where people feel safe, included, empowered & fulfilled, along with a sense of group identity, as well as personal identity within the group (this is really important!). Ideal cultures vary from organisation to organisation, & work-group to work-group, & are highly changeable with intent, support & skill. This module explores ways to design, influence & build productive, healthy & ethical workplace cultures.

NeuroSmart® Self-Development It all starts within

NeuroSmart® Self-Development involves building consciousness & intentionality around thinking, choice, behaviours & responses. This allows us to be the best versions of ourselves, & then to more effectively interact with, help & lead others. This module combines key elements of emotional intelligence with its neurobiological underpinnings to teach self-awareness, self-management & interactional skills. It is highly recommended for anyone wishing to succeed in any independent, interactional, supervisory or leadership role.

NeuroSmart® Employee Engagement Everyone benefits

Much has been written about the advantages of employee engagement, including reliable evidence of higher productivity, improved behaviours & culture, strong attendance & retention, discretionary effort, satisfied customers, superior quality, fewer disputes &, in the end, better organisational performance. The promise sounds too good to possibly be true – until the behavioural neuroscience behind employee engagement is compared, from where these outcomes not only become possible, but almost inevitable. This module covers the neurobiological basis for employee engagement, along with simple processes to enhance it for the success & health of individuals and organisations.

Communication, Collaboration & Conflict Resolution Training No misunderstandings

Professional communication means sharing information clearly, as thoroughly as necessary & as concisely as possible. It’s also emotional – words have meaning for the people that say them & receive them. Even where they don’t have any intended emotional meaning, there will be assumptions about what they “actually meant” when they are heard – our brains were designed to look for meaning in every word & expression. And there’s a bigger challenge – when people are upset, their brain is threat-sensitive, alert to any “attack” & chances to return fire. You’ll recognise this as an argument & there is not point trying to “talk sense” at that time. The same neurobiological principles, in different ways, inform all communications at work, from collaborating through to disciplinary conversations. Let us teach your management team the skills & habits that reduce, diffuse or avoid the upsets of conflict & misunderstandings.


NeuroSmart® Behavioural Recruitment Training Proven results

Time & time again, for recruitment of positions at every level, the NeuroSmart® Behavioural Recruitment Process has outperformed every expectation. This stand-alone training module has been specifically tailored to share that process with recruiters, employers & managers so that decisions are more informed & more successful for candidates & employers. NeuroSmart® Behavioural Recruitment training covers two main areas: Behavioural Interviewing as a foundation skill, & then how to most effectively interpret & incorporate NeuroSmart® Candidate Assessments to build an amazingly detailed & reliable picture of a candidate. We see this training as highly desirable for professional users of our NeuroSmart® Candidate Assessments. Read more about NeuroSmart® Behavioural Recruitment Training and NeuroSmart® Candidate Assessments

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