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Managers reviewing leadership styles

Capabilities Best practice is our only practice

21 Triangles is a leader in translating neurobiological research, behavioural studies & motivational science into everyday organisational & leadership practice. With a solid evidence-base, our assessments & techniques have proven amazingly accurate & effective in real world use across varying industries, organisations and roles.

Every business and management team is unique, so the support we provide is customised to their style, needs and preferences. We can do the same for you.

Managers reviewing leadership styles

Clients A perfect fit for you.

Although we may be initially engaged to resolve a specific issue, our client relationships are long-term in perspective and nature. Our view is that we can only be successful if we actively contribute to our clients’ success. Over many years, the outcome has been that we have a very stable group of clients, some of whom have been with us from the start, because we can adjust to fit their needs.

Current clients are leaders in industries such as:

  • Theme Parks
  • Film and Entertainment
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Dangerous Goods
  • IT
  • Medical
  • Building Hire
  • Agriculture

Our involvement may be as simple as conducting candidate assessments and analysis, at a strategic level to contribute to policy and support leaders, or something between – it really depends on the needs of the organisation and its people.

Team researching to refine psychometric testing

Values Leading with Integrity

We are values-driven, with no room for compromise. We are transparent in our dealings, with the singular goal of enhancing your success and the wellbeing of your team. Our experience is that our business succeeds as a consequence of your business succeeding, and that we enjoy our work when you and your team are enjoying yours.

That we have been blessed with such a consistent and loyal client base over so many years is due to not only the results we have achieved, but the way we achieve them as a trusted, confidential and invested partner. It’s not a complex approach – and it works.

Why 21 Triangles? Or - why not?

We’re often asked, “Where did the name 21 Triangles come from?” The answer is simple & never expected – we designed the logo first. The number or shape have no specific significance apart from us wanting a logo & name that incorporated things we like – colour, individuality & iconoclasm.

This uniqueness remains today, with an aversion to populist & simplistic approaches & sound-bites, & a preference for researching, developing, testing, doing & refining in ways that engage our creativity, values & focus on proof. We didn’t get serious about growing our client base for many years – R&D & proven results were everything. We’ve never had an “elevator pitch” either, & we’re not that interested in most forms of social media marketing. We’re never going to follow the crowd – instead, we just want to continue to be the best at what we do. It’s an ethical business approach that engages & motivates us deeply.

Engaged employees refining strategies to manage workplace conflict resolution

The NEURO-M Connection Advanced Management Resources

As our capabilities grew, the core resources or “products” of 21 Triangles (assessments and training programs) were separated to provide a clearer division between IP and service provision. In practical terms, the creation of NEURO-M as its own entity makes no difference to how our clients access those services through 21 Triangles.

To learn more about NEURO-M Advanced Management Resources, visit the NEURO-M website (www.neuro-m.com).

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