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21 Triangles is a leader in successfully translating neurobiological research, behavioural studies & motivational science into everyday organisational & leadership practice. We’ve achieved a lot, but we also recognise there is a lot more we can do for our clients … & even select future affiliate partners. The evidence-base is solid, the assessments & techniques have proven amazingly accurate & effective in real world use, & the potential is immense. Join us on our journey – or let us join you on yours.

Managers reviewing leadership styles

Our past Expectations, experience & exploration

21 Triangles started when Michael McIntosh, following 2 decades of business leadership, was asked to train new managers how to build & manage business units. It quickly become apparent that their challenges were as much about how to manage themselves, their worries & their relationships with peers & subordinates as it was about the businesses. Accordingly, his attention focused more on management & development of self & others, including key elements of emotional intelligence, neurobiology, motivation & behavioural patterns.

With a goal of enhancing effectiveness & engagement, Michael returned to university to add a Masters Degree in Counseling to his MBA. At the same time, wanting to understand emotions, behaviour and motivation from a scientific base, he was drawn into the neuroscience behind the capacities, emotions & behaviours that people dealt with every day at work. Soon after, he was taught by Pieter Rossouw, a leader in the theory & practice of neuropsychotherapy, & who himself soon became a keen supporter of Michael’s research & use of neuropsychotherapeutic principles in leadership & workplace applications. Inevitably, combining science with experience meant a whole new approach to evidence-based best practice, along with world-first evidence-based concepts, techniques & assessments.

Team researching to refine psychometric testing

Our present Evidence in development, application & outcomes

Michael’s ongoing research into the neurobiological underpinnings of motivation, performance, behaviour & well-being has led to the development of assessment, leadership, motivation, resilience, training & recruitment concepts & methodologies that have proved unique in their usefulness & pin-point accuracy. This shift towards a neurobiological basis eventually saw 21 Triangles co-branded as The Australian Centre for Neuroleadership in 2015, confirming a commitment to strong evidence & practical application across all of our work.

Today we have long-standing relationships with select valued clients where our assessments, training & techniques are tested every day & at every level. This real-world application, accountability & success is critical for the effectiveness of everything we believe in & stand for, serving as evidence of our approach & techniques, as well as proving to be of authentic commercial benefit in the most challenging of competitive markets.

As a private passion, in consultation with fitness industry experts Michael has recently also drawn on neurobiology to combine physical exercise & mindfulness to enhance motivation, mood & well-being in a new concept called MindCycle® . In 2021 we hope to release MindCycle® as downloads for your personal use. Michael also continues to practice Integrated Neuropsychotherapy for a limited number of private clients.

Engaged employees refining strategies to manage workplace conflict resolution

Our future A time of excitement & possibility

We anticipate that by late 2021 The Australian Centre for Neuroleadership will operate as a stand-alone research-based identity. It will specialise in exploring new science & techniques, sharing research & information, administering assessments & training programs & continually innovating in how neurobiologically-grounded knowledge & techniques can be used in the workplace. You will already see plenty of that in this website.

There will be opportunities for the training & accreditation of a limited number of independent affiliates internationally who share our values & passion, to learn from us & in turn share that unique knowledge & expertise with their own clients. 21 Triangles will operate as one of those accredited affiliates, providing the same levels of expertise & service to our clients as we currently do.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited affiliate as we build and support that exclusive network of professional advisors, send us an e-mail expressing your interest & we’ll get in touch.

Why 21 Triangles? Or - why not?

We’re often asked, “Where did the name 21 Triangles come from?” The answer is simple & never expected – we designed the logo first. The number or shape have no specific significance apart from us wanting a logo & name that incorporated things we like – colour, individuality & iconoclasm.

This uniqueness remains today, with an aversion to populist & simplistic approaches & sound-bites, & a preference for researching, developing, testing, doing & refining in ways that engage our creativity, values & focus on proof. We didn’t get serious about growing our client base for many years – R&D & proven results were everything. We’ve never had an “elevator pitch” either, & we’re not that interested in most forms of social media marketing. We’re never going to follow the crowd – instead, we just want to continue to be the best at what we do. It’s an ethical business approach that engages & motivates us deeply.

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