Research & Concepts Read about evidence & principles behind our work

As much as we are inspired by ideas, passion & possibility, our work is based around evidence-based research & practical application. This section of our website is dedicated to sharing information about NEURO-M & other neurobiologically-based workplace-relevant principles & concepts, as well as reviews of the research of others & reflections on some of our own experiences.

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NEURO-M Concepts The science that underpins our work

The application of fundamental neurobiological processes, supported by well-established theories of motivation, human development & behaviour, underpin the basic NEURO-M concepts that inform our work. Articles in this section also outline key findings of NEURO-M Assessments so that readers can gain invaluable insights into the neurobiological mechanisms behind employee engagement, performance, behaviour & well-being. Read now

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Motivation Neuroscience & Implications

Why do people do the things they do every moment of every day? The essential neuroscience of motivation is surprisingly simple to understand & incorporate into daily practice for sustained focused effort, success, fulfilment & well-being.. These articles share those simple messages about how you can most effectively understand & influence yourself & others to better direct emotion, attention & productive energy in the workplace. Read now

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Leadership Resilience The keys to performance under pressure

Why is it that some leaders can take on and conquer the biggest challenges and setbacks? How do they draw and build on the people around them? The neurobiology of resilience indicates that this is a learnable skill for most, involving health, awareness & skilled habits in self-management of emotions, motivation and behaviour. These articles discuss the purpose and attributes of leadership resilience in comparison to personal resilience, along with the foundations for resilient leadership. Read now

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Reviews Summaries & implications of leading research & theories

Summaries, reviews & potential implications of quality research into new findings & ideas concerning how neuroscience influences workplace emotions, behaviours, role suitability, performances, well-being & more. We look to these & other academic papers for their rigour in presenting new evidence, interpretations & ideas with a view to continual improvement & refinement of how their core messages can be most helpfully & pragmatically incorporated into our practices & applied to the workplace. Read them here

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Stories, ideas & stimulation Experiences, speculation & inspiration

As much as there is a lot to learn from research & reviews, for many story-telling & sharing ideas is a more interesting way of describing concepts in action. We’re at pains to point out that this section is not science-based & doesn’t attempt to establish any absolute truths. Instead, it’s observations & thoughts about things we’ve seen, wondered about & perhaps made us think, “What if?” We hope these articles inspire similar thoughts in you. Read now

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