Neurobiology at Work

Revolutionise how you lead, recruit, reward & engage elite employee teams. From years of extensive research & real-world practice in how neurobiology shapes motivation & behaviour in the workplace, we have developed unique NeuroSmart® Assessments, Leadership Skills, Management Techniques & Recruitment Practices that create superior employee engagement, performance, retention, fulfilment & well-being.

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The evidence-based approach to improving performance, culture & well-being
NeuroSmart® Assessments

NeuroSmart® Assessments provide unique insights into motivation, behaviour & much more including:

  • Employee Engagement, Motivation & Retention
  • Temperament & Behaviour – In & Out of Stress
  • Candidate Suitability
  • Resilience, Well-being & Culture
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NeuroSmart® Recruitment

Our proven process combines behavioural interviewing with NeuroSmart® Recruitment Assessments for:

  • Superior Hiring Choices
  • Strong Cultural & Behavioural Fit
  • Insights for Daily Management
  • Engagement, Retention & Career Prospects
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Neuroleadership Training

Evidence-based & easy-to-use. Learn:

  • Neuroleadership – From primal origins to modern skills
  • Neuromanagement – Daily habits for team success
  • Motivation – Driving performance & behaviour
  • Leadership Resilience – Thriving under pressure
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Driven by our passion for enhancing outcomes for organisations & employees, we are are pleased to share concepts, findings & experiences with you.

We also explore & review some of the ideas, findings & practical implications of quality publications from a neurobiological perspective.

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NeuroSmart® Assessments

Grounded in neurobiology, DNA-encoded motivations & habitualised behavioural & stress-response patterns, our mobile-friendly NeuroSmart® Assessments are unrivalled in approach, insights & usefulness in making long-term career, management & personal-development decisions.

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NeuroSmart® Assessments Combining Neurobiology, Motivational Neuroscience & Behavioural Psychology

Benefit from unique insights into:

  • Behaviours in & out of Stress
  • Integrity, Resilience & Drive
  • Subconscious Motivations
  • Pathways to Fulfilment
  • Resilience

Would you want to make a recruitment or career development decision without knowing?

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Employee Engagement

Use our in-depth Predictive Employee Engagement Assessment to uncover:

  • Current & predicted engagement
  • Perceptions of safety & security
  • Positivity, motivation & fulfilment
  • Life balance & values alignment

If employee engagement, productivity, retention & well-being matter to you, this is your ideal starting point

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Leadership Resilience

Explore enablers & domains of Leadership Resilience, including:

  • Personal capacity
  • Collaboration & positivity
  • Self-belief & tenacity
  • Rational problem-solving

Ideal for executive recruitment, career planning & professional self-development.

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Safety, Well-Being & more

NeuroSmart® Assessments help you to understand, connect & enhance:

  • Culture
  • Safety & Well-being
  • Stress Responses
  • Motivation, Temperament & More

Learn about & improve engagement, performance, fulfilment & well-being right across the team.

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Neuroleadership Training

NeuroSmart® Leadership & Management Training links neurobiology, psychology & organisational behaviour with simple, practical & proven techniques that enhance performance, behaviour, culture, engagement & well-being across your whole organisation. These are essential skills for current & aspiring leaders, managers & supervisors.

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Neuroleadership Training Simple skills for highly effective leadership at an intuitively powerful neurobiological level
Neuroleadership Training

Leadership is a primal need & role encoded into our DNA. Explore the Neolithic origins & neurobiological functions of leadership as a conscious & subconscious function.

Learn how to be the leader others need, respect, are inspired by & are loyal to in today’s complex & competitive world.

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Neuromanagement Training

Daily management practices make all the difference for the performance, fulfilment & well-being of the whole team.

Neuromanagement uses simple, stress-free techniques that can be used every day for optimal employee engagement, productivity, stability & workplace culture.

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Leadership Resilience Training

The biggest test for any leader is how they thrive & succeed when the challenges are highest, facts most uncertain & setbacks inevitable.

Build your personal capacity, skills & habits for superior personal & team performance & well-being under pressure.

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Communication, Collaboration & Conflict Resolution Training

Misunderstandings, poor information-sharing & conflict in the workplace are upsetting & wasteful.

These training modules help people to communicate clearly, diffuse conflict & work together for improved creativity, problem solving & well-being.

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NeuroSmart® Recruitment

We recruit individuals & teams at all levels who align with your preferred performances, behaviours, values & culture. Our secret is the integrity of our processes at different levels of conscious awareness, from behavioural interviewing through to our exclusive NeuroSmart® Candidate Assessments.

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We help you to make successful recruitment choices
NeuroSmart® Recruitment THE BEST FIT AT EVERY LEVEL
Executive Recruitment

We know that differences in the neural “wiring” of leaders support different temperaments, interpersonal styles, values, aspirations & resilience. We also know that our rigorous executive recruitment process reliably matches ideal candidates to the right role at the right time.

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Behavioural Recruitment

Based on a condensed version of our executive recruitment process, our general behavioural recruitment process has been highly successful in engaging new employees in many roles & industries across the country. Expect better fit, higher performance & longer retention.

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Professional Recruiter Support

If you are a professional recruiter, we can support you where it matters most with a NeuroSmart® Candidate Report based on behavioural interviews & expert contextual interpretation of NeuroSmart® Candidate Assessments.

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Recruiter Training

Would you like to further develop your own recruitment skills? We train professionals in behavioural interview techniques, as well as how to most effectively interpret NeuroSmart® Candidate Assessments. This elite skill requires attention & practice with remarkable results.

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Core Concepts & Research

Read about NeuroSmart® evidence-based concepts & other neurobiologically-grounded principles, summaries, reviews, ideas & experiences that you can use right now.

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Links to a popular articles you might be interested in
NeuroSmart® Concepts

The application of fundamental neurobiological processes, supported by well-established theories of motivation, human development & behaviour, underpin the basic NeuroSmart® concepts.

In this section we also share findings from our own research.

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Motivation - Neuroscience & Implications

The neuroscience of motivation describes how people make every action-choice, at every moment. This is essential reading for those wishing to understand & influence the performance, behaviour, effort, well-being & resilience of themselves & those around them.

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We constantly research publications in search of  new evidence, interpretations & ideas with a view to continual improvement & refinement of our own neurobiologically-grounded best-practice in the workplace. Reviews & interpretations of some we enjoyed most are shared here.

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Stories, ideas & stimulation

This section is not science-based & doesn’t attempt to establish any absolute truths. It tells stories, sharing ideas, observations & speculation about things we’ve seen, wondered about & made us think, “What if?”

We hope these articles inspire similar thoughts in you.

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