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Learn about candidates, employees & workplace culture at an intrinsic level as the perfect platform for recruitment, career & management decision-making for improved engagement, performance, behaviours & well-being. The amazing accuracy of NeuroSmart® Assessments stems from the science behind them, the way they make “cheating” difficult, & proven success over years of exhaustive testing & real-world use.

NeuroSmart® Workplace Assessments are based in DNA, neurobiology & real-world organisational environments.

Manager reading a report on employee engagement

NeuroSmart® Predictive Employee Engagement Assessment Exploring intrinsic drivers of attitude, effort, behaviour & well-being

High employee engagement is linked to enhanced productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, efficiency, safety, organisational performance & employee well-being. Based on neurobiology & the neuroscience of motivation, the NeuroSmart® Predictive Employee Engagement Assessment provides amazingly deep insights on current & future employee engagement, positivity, motivation, well-being, likely retention & more. Learn more

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Neurosmart® Predictive Temperament Assessment Explore likely behaviours in & out of stress

The NeuroSmart® Predictive Temperament Assessment explores common behavioural patterns & responses. Unlike other temperament & behavioural assessments, it is based on neuroscience in exploring the impacts of unstressed vs stressed brain responses which create changes in behaviour that rarely fit a generic pattern or category. This assessment has proven its reliability & unprecedented predictive power over many years for recruitment, career planning, personal development & daily management choices. Learn more

Recruiter conducting behavioural based interviewing

NeuroSmart® Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis Explore preferences & character

The NeuroSmart® Workplace Preferences & Integrity Analysis explores 8 dimensions of workplace preferences for more informed recruitment, role design & career-planning decisions. By analysing response patterns we also use it to estimate openness, integrity & nuanced thinking, without asking a specific questions about them. This dual-pronged usefulness makes it a “must-know” essential for job applicants and career planning. Learn more

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Neurosmart® Leadership Resilience Assessment Explore enablers, domains & habits of resilience.

Workplace resilience is defined by an individual’s personal capacity, skills & coping habits in the face of challenges, adversity & setbacks. The NeuroSmart® Leadership Resilience Assessment measures the base enablers of resilience that support sustained energy, focus & self-management, as well as the performance-enhancing habits of highly resilient leaders in complex, team-based environments &/or highly autonomous self-managed contexts. Learn more 

Employees discussing workplace wellbeing and their positive work culture

Neurosmart® Workplace Culture Assessment Manage your culture to manage your outcomes.

Workplace culture is hugely powerful. As a social species, our DNA-encoded need for acceptance & belonging drives us to fit in. This sees each organisation, group & sub-group adopting their own norms in attitude, behaviour and standards according to the strongest influences. Use the  NeuroSmart® Workplace Culture Assessment to gain important insights across groups, sub-groups & organisations of all sizes with a view to improving inclusion,well-being, happiness & performance. Learn more

Employee undertaking an assessment on staff wellbeing and workplace wellness

Neurosmart® Employee Safety & Well-Being Assessment Safety & health are employer responsibilities

The NeuroSmart® Employee Safety & Well-Being Assessment goes straight to the heart of whether employees have the opportunity to enrich, & become enriched by, their work & workplace. The primal fear response prioritises personal safety ahead of every other neurobiological function, with immediately impacts on behaviour, performance & emotion. Other effects include anxiety, poor immune system & digestive tract function, detachment, anti-social behaviours, heart disease, high blood pressure, relationship breakdowns & premature death. This information is important. Learn more

Recruiter analysing an assessment of a candidate's workplace motivation

Neurosmart® Workplace Motivation Assessment Intrinsic drivers of attention, effort & behaviour

Explore powerful intrinsic underpinnings of motivation that sit behind emotions and actions at a nonconscious level. Based on our Integrated Model of Employee Engagement and the neuroscience of motivation, this assessment reveals the basic motivational need levels & satisfaction that drive engagement, effort, attitude & focus, with implications for recruitment, role & workgroup design, employee engagement & management practice.

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Evidence-based innovation Neurosmart® Workplace Assessments

Each category, question & algorithm in every NeuroSmart® Workplace Assessment has been carefully created based on science, evidence & real-world application. They capture human complexity, allow for nuance, & expect some biased or inaccurate responses. They also prioritise exploration of the deep, intrinsic & meaningful over the transitory, moody & superficial. The greatest proof of our commitment to NeuroSmart® Workplace Assessments is that we use them in our work knowing that our reputation relies on them. This means that no matter how much you will come to use & rely on them from time to time, we need them to be accurate & reliable every day – our business depends on it.

NeuroSmart® Assessments are accessible globally via PC, Mac or mobile

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