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It’s not hard to find out if someone can do the job. But it can be very hard to know if & how they’ll do it, or what attitude & habits they bring.  It’s even harder to know whether they’re going to fit in, how to get the best out of them & whether they’re likely to stay. To find out this & more, NEURO-M Behavioural Recruitment goes deeper. Much deeper.

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Recruiter reviewing a job applicant's completed psychometric testing

Exclusive insights You deserve to know

We all know that good recruitment choices match an applicant’s skills to those needed by an employer. We also know that location, hours, salary & career aspirations need to be a good fit if the appointment is to last. But if you’re looking for engagement, discretionary effort & stability you need to know more than that – much more. And for that we need to go beyond first impressions, resumes, references & standard interviews.

A recruiter predicting future employee engagement and employee motivation through completed psychometric testing

A thorough process Behavioural interviewing & predictive assessments

You need to know how a candidate acts & responds normally & when the pressure is on – this is the purpose of behavioural recruitment. Using strategic behavioural interviews & NEURO-M Recruitment Assessments, we quickly get past the preferred, or nervous, version of themselves people present in interviews & resumes to explore how their emotions, behaviours & performance change according to the situation. This means you can make good choices AND better manage employees so they can perform, & behave, at their best.

Recruiter discussing testing for predictable staff retention

A proven process Strength and stability

Our regular clients have learned to rely on us and our behavioural recruitment process & skills to bring the very best people into their teams across many different roles. With our help, they report a much higher success rate in quality of hire, engagement & retention than before & well-below industry standards. Put simply, our tried, tested & thorough behavioural recruitment process works.

Recruiter predicting employee engagement through psychometric testing

The first secret Hidden motives

Have you ever wondered why some employees seem to quickly go off the boil? Often this occurs because employer & employee were more focused on the tasks, the hours & the pay, or perhaps to “solving” a vacancy/unemployment problem, than exploring underlying motivations. So we developed our world-exclusive NEURO-M Motivation Assessment, which has been amazingly consistent in predicting fit for role, environment & organisation. Based on DNA-encoded basic needs identified by Grawe & Rossouw, as adapted for the workplace by us, its accuracy & usefulness has surpassed our expectations & it now serves a vital role in our recruitment process.

Recruiters examining the effects of neurobiology through the results of psychometric testing

The second secret Problem or solution?

DNA & life experiences, particularly in early childhood & seemingly-similar contexts, shape brain development including how people view & respond to problems. Responses can vary from being mostly positive with a can-do attitude (enriched, supportive, intrinsic-rewards-focused environments help this), to being mostly cautious & negative (threatening, risky & disengaged environments prompt this), with behaviours ranging from withdrawal, absence & avoiding responsibility through to gossip, blame & militancy. You can influence positivity & responses but in most cases the fundamental response patterns are fixed by the time someone joins your team. Before making hiring decisions it’s helpful to access these insights.

Recruiter predicting behaviour through psychometric testing

The third secret Can we predict their behaviour?

There are many temperament tests available for recruitment – but they’re not based in neurobiology, so miss some of the most important things you need to know, especially in how attitudes & behaviours change in times of stress in ways that are unique for each candidate & sit outside typical and flawed one-temperament assumptions. Brain design makes this type of change inevitable & the included NEURO-M Predictive Behavioural Temperament Assessment means you can confidently predict & manage those behaviours. Learn more.

Recruiter utilising behavioural interviewing

The fourth secret Behavioural interviewing

Interviewing is a skill we’ve studied, designed & refined over years of research & practice, drawing on our knowledge, qualifications & experience in neurobiology, counselling & organisational psychology to reveal much more about applicants than they might want us to know – or indeed know about themselves! Then we compare what we found with our NEURO-M Candidate Assessment results to come up with a reliable & complete picture of applicants so you can make the best, most informed recruitment choices you’ve ever made.

Employer reviewing recruitment assessments

NEURO-M Essential Candidate Reports Individual candidate reports

At no extra cost we provide a NEURO-M Essential Candidate Report for leading applicants, along with explanations of what they mean for that individual. You will see the ups & downs for each of them, & gain unprecedented insights into how well they are likely to fit your organisation & respond to the demands, opportunities & limitations of the role. This allows you to confidently make fully-informed recruitment decisions, as well as providing insights into how new employees might be most effectively managed & developed in the future. Learn more.

Recruiter inviting an applicant to undertake psychometric testing

Integrity Recruitment consultant or recruitment agent

We are not recruitment agents, don’t speculate & don’t charge placement fees. Rather, we work as recruitment consultants, operating on a transparent fixed fee or hourly basis. This means there is never a conflict of interest, with no incentive for us to embellish or groom applicants, inflate salary packages or be less than completely honest & open with you – we’ll tell you the truth as we discovered it without fear or favour. And because our process is more thorough than most & NEURO-M Candidate Assessment Reports are included, we typically provide much better value than most recruitment agents.

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