Bob’s Buttons Book, Printed Edition




Readers follow the journey of Bob, a coffee-and-doughnut-addicted business owner, as he deals with competition, customers, staff and his own emotions while working hard to find success and happiness when starting up his own business.

The first in a series, Bob’s Buttons is a light-hearted story that follows a young man through the quite serious matter of starting and growing a business. Along the way Bob copes with change, competition, uncertainty and his own journey into leadership while experiencing the successes, stresses and occasional failures that business owners deal with every day.

From a reader’s perspective the book is about whatever business readers are in, so it applies equally to those who sell products, provide services or create great experiences. Accordingly, topics such as marketing, team building and leadership are explored in ways that relate to almost every type of organization or business. Through the story Bob’s Buttons engages us emotionally and intellectually as Bob journeys into new areas of knowledge while traveling full circle in others. As a book about business, this is a very, very human story.